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Clinicare's residential treatment facilities serve adolescents and children with behavioral or mental health challenges. Clinicare's admissions process takes into consideration your child's past behavior and/or mental health concerns, instead of only evaluating current circumstances. This gives our staff a clearer picture of your child and gives us the ability to make a more accurate assessment prior to admission.

Admissions forms can be found on each Academy's Admissions page (use links below). These forms can be utilized by parents, agencies, educators, or health care providers to make a referral to one of Clinicare's facilities. Use the links below if you have any questions regarding our admissions process, or would like more information about each academy, including admissions contact information:

Eau Claire Academy

The Eau Claire Academy is a co-ed residential treatment facility that offers clinical and rehabilitation services, vocational and educational programs, an alternative day school, and two group homes. The Eau Claire Academy serves young people between the ages of 10 through 18.

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Milwaukee Academy

The Milwaukee Academy is a 22 bed gender specific residential treatment center providing intensive services for females from the ages of 10-17. Programming provides treatment for girls who are presenting a pattern of behavioral and mental health symptoms such as emotional disturbance, aggressive behaviors, substance abuse, and self harming behaviors, which are inhibiting their ability to remain safely in their community.

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Aurora Plains Academy

Aurora Plains Academy is a licensed intensive treatment and psychiatric treatment facility located in Plankinton, South Dakota. Aurora Plains can accommodate up to 50 youth and adolescents, both male and female.

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