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Our Mission at Eau Claire Academy is to improve the well-being of the children in our care. We provide treatment for youth between the ages of 10 to 18 who experience emotional and behavioral problems.

The Eau Claire Academy opened in 1967 as a residential treatment facility, the first of its kind in Wisconsin. The facility, a completely remodeled former general hospital, is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on five acres of wooded grounds in a quiet residential area.  It is only a few blocks from the central business district. Our three story, plus basement, brick structure has ample space for youth to engage in a wide variety of activities. On campus we have an adjacent two-story school building, complete with a computer learning center, and a full-service dining room. We also have a chapel in our main building on campus where youth can participate in Non-denominational religious services if they desire.  

Program Outcomes:

Eighty-eight percent of those who refer youth to us report that we met the specific, individual treatment and length of stay needs for the youth. Ninety-four percent indicated they would refer another youth to the Eau Claire Academy.

Success Rate:

On average, over 75% of the youth we treat meet the goals established in their Treatment Plan and receive a "clinical discharge".

Living Areas:

Each living area at the Eau Claire Academy is unique. The youth, together with staff, put their own personal touches on the unit giving it a sense of home. On each unit youth reside in single-occupancy rooms on dormitory-style living units. We provide a desk/study area and ample storage space in youth rooms on the unit. Every living unit includes a community area where all residents can gather for group discussions, to play games, do homework, or relax and watch a movie.

Educational Facilities:

Youth who reside at Eau Claire Academy attend a certified and professionally operated school which is on campus and adjacent to the living areas. Class sizes are small and educational plans are individually designed to meet the learning needs and goals of each student. In addition to contemporary academics, we offer life skills training, library services, and vocational training.

Activity Areas:

We have an extensive, well-equipped recreation department and provide daily recreational programming both on and off campus. In addition to participating in community-based recreational activites, youth have access to a full-sized gymnasium, games room, canteen, foods room to learn meal preparation, library, arts and crafts room, and board game room. We also have an outdoor playground and pavilion area, a sand volleyball court, a baseball field, and a lighted basketball court.