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The Mission of Eau Claire Academy is to improve the well-being of the children in our care. The Eau Claire Academy provides treatment for male and female children and adolescents from the ages of 10 to 18, who are experiencing one or more characteristics which inhibits their ability to appropriately function in society.

The Eau Claire Academy opened in 1967 as a residential treatment facility, the first of its kind in Wisconsin. The facility, a completely remodeled former general hospital, is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on five acres of wooded grounds in a quiet residential area.  It is only a few blocks from the central business district. The three story (plus basement) brick structure, with a capacity for 135 young men and women, has modern indoor and outdoor recreation facilities .  There is also a separate two-story school building connected to the main building. Within the main building, the residents reside in cozy, dormitory-style living units. The main building also includes a full sized gymnasium added in 1990; a modern dining area; a games/canteen room; a hair salon; resident library; chapel; and a computer learning center.

Program Success:

Eighty-eight percent (88%) of placing agencies report feeling that Eau Claire Academy accommodated for the specific, individual treatment and length of stay needs for the child. Ninety-four percent (94%) of placing agencies indicate that they would place another child at Eau Claire Academy.

Success Rate:

On average, over 75% of the children and adolescents who were treated at Clinicare Facilities met the expectations of their treatment plan and were clinically discharged. A clinical discharge is defined as a discharge whereupon a resident meets the expectations defined in their Individual Treatment Plan (ITP), and is able to return to a less restrictive setting. A non-clinical discharge is defined as a discharge in which the resident fails to meet the expectations of their Individual Treatment Plan (ITP), is discharged to a more restrictive setting or another CCI, or is discharged by court order or 3rd party payer prior to completion of treatment.

Living Areas:

Each living area at the Eau Claire Academy is unique. The residents, along with residential staff, put their own personal touches on the unit giving it a sense of home. The sleeping rooms are single or double occupancy with careful consideration given in selection of compatible roommates. A desk/study area and ample storage space are included in their room on the unit. Every living unit includes a community area where all residents can gather for group discussions, to play games, do homework, or simply relax and watch a movie.

Educational Facilities:

The young men and women who reside at Eau Claire Academy are provided everything necessary to ensure future success in life, including a certified and professionally operated school which is adjacent to the living area. Class sizes are small and educational programs are individually designed to meet the treatment needs and goals of each resident. In addition to contemporary academics, Eau Claire Academy offers life skills training, library services, and vocational training.

Activity Areas:

The Eau Claire Academy has a chapel attached to the facility. Non-denominational religious services are available for residents if they so desire. Viewed as an integral part of treating a resident, Eau Claire Academy has developed an extensive, well-equipped recreation department. Besides community-based recreation resources, Eau Claire Academy has on-grounds facilities that include a full sized gymnasium, outdoor playground and pavilion area, a games room, an arts & crafts room, an on-grounds sand volleyball court, baseball field, and a lighted basketball court.