Assessment & Evaluation

30-Day Evaluation

The Eau Claire Academy provides extensive 30-day assessment and evaluation services to help you make the best decision regarding your child's mental health needs.

Areas of assessment include:

Psychiatric Assessment:
Mental health diagnosis, medication evaluation, mental health care recommendations

Nursing Assessment:
Health information and recommendations

Social Assessment:
Family history, social/emotional/behavioral functioning, treatment planning recommendations

Psychoeducational Assessment:
Educational testing, IQ testing, projective testing, educational recommendations

Group Living Assessment:
Identify strengths and barriers in the youth's daily living skills and peer interactions

Family Assessment:
Family interaction patterns, historical information, service recommendations for the family

A.O.D.A. Assessment:
Determine potential drug/alcohol treatment needs

Sex Offender Evaluation:
Assess the treatment needs of residents referred with sex offender treatment issues

Neuro-Psychological Assessment
Clinicare now uses its own staff neuropsychologist to assess traumatic brain injuries or other brain associated disorders. We screen every youth for the need; and those that warrant it, will have the opportunity to be assessed on site and generally at no cost to the agency or family.

Treatment Approaches:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Case management
  • Residential program
  • Structure and supervision