The Milwaukee Academy is a gender specific residential program designed to meet the behavioral and emotional needs of adolescent girls.

Programming provides treatment for girls who are presenting a pattern of behavioral and mental health symptoms such as emotional dysregulation, aggressive behaviors, substance abuse, and self harming behaviors, which are inhibiting their ability to remain safely in their community.

The Milwaukee Academy provides a comprehensive program that integrates clinical services, a structured therapeutic environment, education and medical health.

Treatment of female youth who have been impacted by sex trafficking and exploitation accounts for a high percent of placements throughout the midwest.  Milwaukee Academy utilizes curriculums such as My Life My Choice (www.fightingexploitation.org) to help girls learn skills that will increase their awareness and safety in their home communities.  


Milwaukee Academy focuses our treatment programs on helping adolescent females manage difficult mental health and trauma symptoms and learn safe and healthy methods of expressing their emotions. The program empowers adolescent girls to learn the skills to positively interact with others and find alternative, less destructive ways of coping with her symptoms.