Eau Claire Academy Utilizing Therapy Dog

Eau Claire Academy announces Dog Therapy

Eau Claire Academy is proud to announce they now have their own Therapy Dog.  Dani, a two year old, female, yellow lab is a certified therapy dog.  Dani offers an additional technique of providing therapeutic and educational support services to Eau Claire Academy students.   She assists in calming students who may be anxious, slightly agitated or upset, aids in motivating students, helps build confidence and self esteem within the student and teaches pet care skills.   Her overall foundation is to teach respect and compassion. 

In a typical day Dani is primarily utilized in school.  She greets all the students every morning as they arrive for school.  Before lunch each day Dani will exercise in the gym with students, sit with students during assessments, and help with new admits.   After lunch Dani typically spends some one on one time with students combined with individual therapy sessions with students and their therapist. 

Pets have been utilized for therapeutic purposes for over 100 years.  Pets of all shapes and sizes are proven tools for working with trauma victims, those suffering from depression and many other mental health needs. 

Outside of Dani, Eau Claire Academy also partners with a local equestrian center to provide equine therapy.  Pet and Equine Therapy are also utilized at other Clinicare programs.