Aurora Plains Academy

The Aurora Plains Academy is licensed for 66 youth, 48 beds for boys and 18 beds for girls. A child aged 10 to 20 is eligible for placement in an Intensive Residential Treatment Center (IRTC) there is written documentation that the child did not respond to treatment in a residential treatment center, was denied placement in a residential treatment center, or left a residential treatment center before completing treatment. The child must also have a documented, chronic history of high level physical or sexual aggression.

Aurora Plains Academy provides services to a special population. This population is characterized by high levels of verbal, physical, and sexual aggression. The Academy's intensive program offers higher staff to youth ratios and specific programming for the populations. Funding is provided by the State of South Dakota through the Department of Social Services, Department of Corrections, School districts, and tribe.

Once your child has been accepted for treatment, a placement date will be established and preliminary treatment goals will be developed. You are encouraged to come with your child and the placing agency to the Academy on the placement date. At that time, you and your child will meet with the Case Manager, Clinical Director and/or Therapist who will explain the program, provide a tour, and answer any questions. Introductions will be made to the nurse, who will receive any medications that are brought with your child along with the written prescriptions. You will also need to sign specific medication consent form(s).

Items that will need to be either provided to the Academy prior to the date of admission, or brought with your child upon the date of admission include:

  • the completed admission packet
  • signed permission forms
  • written prescriptions for any medications that your child is taking

Aurora Plains Academy does not take private referrals unless they have been accepted through the Department of Corrections/Department of Social Services.

Use the form below to start the admissions process or make a referral for the Aurora Plains Academy. You can also download helpful resources found to the right, or contact the Admission Coordinator if you have questions.