Therapy Modalities

Aurora Plains Academy

Pathways Program

The PATHWAYS program is designed for the intensive residential treatment of adolescent male sex offenders. The program is a cohesive, closed unit, operating apart from the general Academy population. Single room occupancy, and high staff-to-resident ratio increase structure and security. Daily group therapy and treatment assignments direct focus upon: victim empathy, understanding the "cycle of abuse," cognitive restructuring, and behavioral rebuilding. Polygraph testing is provided at key intervals during treatment in the PATHWAYS program to enhance internalization and effectiveness.

Cognitive Intervention Treatment

Cognitive Intervention is a tool that is used in many of the treatment areas at the Academy; however, the program with primary emphasis in this area is designed to address the adolescent with the more serious cognitive distortions or "errors in thinking." This program utilizes daily group therapy, treatment assignments, and programmatic structure to assist the youth in developing alternative patterns of thinking and problem solving.

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (A.O.D.A.)

AODA treatment programming is provided both for males and females, as the need is identified. All residents who receive treatment at the Academy for alcohol and other drug abuse are dually diagnosed. As such, the AODA concerns are a secondary reason for placement. The male and female AODA programs provide separation from the rest of the Academy population on the living units. A 12-step model is utilized in the daily group therapy. Individual relapse prevention plans are developed with the resident as they approach discharge.